Anytime you go through a civil dispute, divorce, or separation there are an array of emotions and decisions that can seem overwhelming. The process of mediation can help parties navigate through those muddy waters. Mediation can present a unique set of challenges for the parties involved, such as: monetary claims; monetary debts; custody of children; child support figures; visitation schedules; spousal support; or distributing assets.

Hiring a neutral mediator, can add an unbiased perspective that the parties had not considered during this difficult process. At Edwards & Edwards we are registered civil mediators. We will propose solutions that help the parties move forward towards a peaceful resolution that can foster the parties relationships and preserve their assets.

Mediation consists of two or more adverse parties. Mediation can take place before litigation or after a lawsuit has been filed. Parties in a case that choose mediation can represent themselves or they can be represented by an attorney. The parties will be placed in separate rooms and will not speak to one another or congregate. The mediator will move between the rooms of the parties to discuss possible solutions and resolve the dispute. We charge a flat hourly rate that is reasonable and competitive. The hourly rate is split evenly among the parties, unless negotiated as a part of the overall settlement.


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